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With our companies, sourcing and trading overseas is a breeze.


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Bata Food Bulk Food Ingredients Supplier in Turkey Netherlands USA Bahrain
Bulk Food Ingredients

We supply bulk food ingredients worldwide and offer unique solutions.

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We create individual energy tailored to your needs.

Moving forward

Always looking for new business opportunities.

Bata Food Organic Food Industry

Our Group

Founded in 1974, BARDAKCIGROUP headquartered in Turkey and operating in food ingredients, foreign trade consultancy and general trade and distribution sectors.

Our Activities

BardakciGroup is a private group of family companies operating with a young and agile team working with a strong passion to add value to the global supply chain with every step taken.

Although our main business activity is global food trade, we have also started to operate in the fields of consultancy and general trade and distributorship with the new investments we have made in recent years.

Bata Food Organic Food Supplier


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