BardakciGroup Turkey Global Trade Company

We import & export and distribute products in multiple categories

BardakciGroup General Trading Import


We import foreign goods and supply to manufacturers and wholesalers in Turkey.

BardakciGroup General Trading Export


We export Turkish origin goods to world markets in partnership with local manufacturers.

BardakciGroup General Trading Distribution


We distribute well-known brands in certain sectors in Turkey and neighboring countries.

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Foreign Trade Operations and Overseas Procurement

We support all foreign trade activities to maximize profit potential and create value for the products we trade and distribute.

“BardakciGroup is here to help you grow your business with its knowledge and experience in strategic procurement and sourcing management solutions.”

Main Product Categories


Consumer electronics and business equipments for B2B industries.

Baby & Kids Care Products

Baby care products such as strollers, pacifiers, bottles, toys and more.


Safety and work shoes, sneakers and other footwear products in all types and sizes.

Other sectors we serve

Food Ingredients

Bata Food Organic Dried Fruits Supplier in Turkey Netherlands USA Bahrain


BardakciConsulting Foreign Trade Consultancy in Istanbul Turkey
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